Bee You Always

There are a million ways and paths to your journey of Remembering your Divinity within. Through this sacred space which is BEE YOU ALWAYS I wish to showcase many different puzzle pieces and paths that assisted me on my journey towards enlightenment and it is still ongoing but so much more joyful.  Whether you are guided by your Soul to indulge in meditation, healing sessions or courses on different topics and avenues of mastery – know that every step counts and every minute of investing in your really matters and plays part of the big picture and one day you wake up and it all makes sense and you embrace Divine Peace and Divinity with so much ease.

My wish is that you find your next puzzle piece and aha moment as you explore the wonderful miracles and magic on BEE YOU ALWAYS and that you embrace your Divinity with so much ease and joy and childlike wonder.

Many of the traditions agree that enlightenment is already here and now and that we are already our Divinity aspect, and that it is our true nature – or the true nature of reality. It is not that we have to achieve it or become it, but rather we need to go within and remove the obstacles to its expression, that which is not real and REmember our true Divinity and that we are already that which we seek.  As within so without – you are the creator of your whole entire world and as you embark on this journey of REmembering who you truly are you will allow yourself to step into that fully and create the most amazing experiences and life you have always dreamt of.

As you embrace YOUR individual journey of enlightenment you will surely bump up against some of your stuff that will come to the surface to be released and this is where YOU can choose the puzzle piece that will navigate you through complete healing/release and clarity on whatever comes up for you.  First do a happy dance that the “stuff” is coming up for final release (that is the gift yes) and then use intent and Play and INjoy all the amazing tools that will be showcased on this sacred space and have fun creating your true heaven on earth reality, first within and then without.

All of us are always divinely guided and everything that unfolds always has a divine hand of love behind it – if you allow yourself to see it.  May your beautiful journey continue to unfold with Divine Grace and Joy and so much Love,

From my heart to yours – Debbie-Lynn


About Me

I am a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Master, Guide, Wayshower, Celestial Shaman. I absolutely love what I do, I love guiding and teaching people to step into their own power with practical daily action and enjoying their gifts, talents and abilities. My teachings over the years have been in Manifestation, Letting Go/Clearing your gunk and Opening your spiritual gifts.

The name Debbie means ‘a bee’. A bee is an insect that feeds on pollen, nectar and honey and stores them in the hive. most bees gather pollen from a wide variety of flowers.

Creator sends Debbie out in search of those who need His help in their lives and to gather the resources needed to help them. Debbie, like the bee, is a tireless worker. She gathers information from many sources, never trusting just one source for the accuracy she needs. She is never satisfied until she has searched and researched what it is she needs to know. She then stores all this in her heart, not just in her head.

It may seem that Debbie is nosy but it is more than just being nosy much more. She has a need to know things because she uses the information she gathers to gain insight to situations that need her attention.

There are those who need Debbie to know what is in their hearts for it is nearly impossible for them to say these things aloud. To these are the one to which Creator sends Debbie. She has a way of finding out these things and with her Creators help is always able to provide the needed help.

My niche is SOUL EXPANSION SESSIONS guiding and assisting beautiful souls to expand into their next level of Remembering through various one on one sessions but also group courses and meditations.  Abundance and being in the flow of Divine Love fully embodying your Divinity is your birth right – allow yourself to step into it now and embrace all the beautiful gifts that Divinity has to offer.

– Name reading by Helen Elliot 2002 –


Soul Reading and Sound Healing Session


1½ Hours – R650.00

A Soul guided session to allow you to release old programs, beliefs and limitations so you can allow yourself to step into the higher version of you.

Sound Bath Session


1 Hour – R500.00

(Monochord/Tibetan sound bowl/Drumming)Tuning you back to the highest aligned love based version for you to embody and collapse and clear all not in highest alignment for you. This session will support rewiring and upgrading of DNA aspects ready to be activated.

Soul Expansion Healing Session


1½ Hours – R650.00

We cover past life clearing with Egyptian Sekhem, bringing back soul chards and power animal retrieval with Shamanic Drum journeys, angelic and celestial balancing and clearing for ascension expansion – all intuitively guided as needed.