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Candle Course

Mind, Body & Soul Alignment



Welcome to the inner journey of getting to know who you are and stepping into fully what you came to be as YOU in your beautiful Source essence with your unique gifts talents and abilities and gifting yourself this experience of strengthening your connection with you Divine inner self, your guides and guardians and Source.  Through daily practices and 4 one on one soul expansion session you will explore and understand fully you mind body soul puzzle and how you function, what you gifts are and how you interpret your guidance coming through, what signs and symbols mean to you and how you can apply what and who you truly are in your physical reality.  This journey is a month journey with lots of guided support and a online course outline with a morning intent, evening activation meditations and videos as supportive tools.  During the one on one session with me we will explore/release and understand your soul themes and karmic looping cycles and past life clearing as well and bring forth guidance for your week ahead.  I am looking forward to holding space for you as you fully REmember who you are and enjoy the unfoldment of your Divinity path and fully let go of all that no longer serves.  From my heart to yours,