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Power Animals

Journey with us as we explore and connect with 12 different power animals through morning story time with Jackie, afternoon mindfulness in a fun playful exercise and evening sleep meditations with Debbie.

All power animals have different power aspects that we can tap into and play with in our own lives whether we might need a little bit more strength or inner power or moving through transformation with love.  Through a playful sense and through the eyes of a child this course is designed to allow yourself and your child to connect with these different power aspects and spark a remembrance of joy and fantasy within all of us.

As we walk this with our children and return ourselves to peace, harmony and pure connectedness we also get to see and experience first-hand the excitement and joy as you share this journey and connection with your child.  Let your imaginations flow and have fun with this and enjoy your quality time with your child all in the comfort of your own home.

We have put together an afternoon activity for both parent and child to enjoy over the 12 days journey through the power animals. Encourage your child to have free reign with this, allowing their soul to take the lead with this activity and see the magic unfold.

Take pictures of your fun experiences and share the joy with us by sending it to debbie@beeyoualways.co.za.


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